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Practice bank

Find and share practice with organisations who are interested in crime reduction and criminal justice.

The practice bank is made up of shared interventions that have been implemented by crime reduction and community safety organisations, including policing. These have been used to address specific crime problems or organisational change. 

You can use the practice bank to identify potential interventions for your own problem solving. Search for practices using the filters.

You can also share your own interventions to be considered for the practice bank.

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Title Summary Does it work? Focus Organisation
Abnormal loads check sheets (escort and encounter)

Using an app to gather detailed information when dealing with abnormal loads at the roadside, during both encounter and police escort.

Promising Prevention
A&E navigators

Providing support to patients with a violence-related injury after discharge from hospital, referring them to charities and support networks.

Promising Diversion
Advice and fraud prevention information for elderly people

Training social care sector staff to give anti-fraud advice to vulnerable elderly people.

Untested – new or innovative Prevention
Art-based diversion project – We’ve Got HeART

An exhibition by artists suffering substance addiction to increase engagement and referrals to drug recovery services within the hostel community.

Promising Diversion
Autism passport scheme

A virtual online passport to enhance awareness and safeguarding of individuals with autism, by integrating records into NICHE (a record management system).

Promising Prevention
Bailiwick of Guernsey Law Enforcement
Behavioural change independent domestic violence advisor (IDVA) programme

Multi-agency behaviour change service supporting participants identified as having problematic or unhealthy attitudes and behaviour towards family members.

Promising Prevention
Behind the badge – a media initiative to build trust and confidence in the police

Focuses on humanising officers and educating the public around the diversity of roles that exist in the Metropolitan Police Service.

Untested – new or innovative Organisational
CCTV business viewing events

Sharing CCTV images of suspects with business community groups to increase identifications and facilitate new lines of enquiry.

Untested – new or innovative Prevention
Clear, hold, build

Framework for bringing serious and organised crime group threats into neighbourhood policing.

Promising Prevention, Diversion
Crime hot spots mobile phone app

An application that directs officers to geographical locations with high concentrations of serious violence.

Promising Prevention
Defensive planting to reduce residential burglary

Using planting to make properties less attractive for burglars and reduce victimisation in target areas.

Untested – new or innovative Prevention
Digital triage of data evidence for suspect interview

Transforms the digital scene capability focusing on both training and environment. It also strives to understand the digital demand workflow in Bedfordshire Police and how best to meet this demand.

Untested – new or innovative Organisational
Disrupting predatory behaviour in the night-time economy (Project Vigilant)

Targeting perpetrators in the night-time economy by spotting and disrupting predatory behaviour.

Promising Prevention
Early advice protocol

Providing early advice in rape and serious sexual offence investigations, to ensure a proportionate approach is taken to the examination of devices for suspects and victims.

Promising Organisational
Echo – feedback from callers, victims, residents and employees

Using a platform to capture and analyse large volumes of customer feedback, gathered through conversational SMS and a bespoke website.

Untested – new or innovative Organisational
Forensic marking to deter repeat victimisation related to domestic abuse and sexual offences

Forensic marking to deter perpetrators from repeat offending using forensic marking of moveable items and doorways, panic alarms, and forensic sprays or greases.

Promising Prevention, Reoffending
Habitual knife carrier index

Combines police crime and intelligence data with known risk factors associated with serious violence, to identify individuals most at risk of current or future involvement in knife crime.

Untested – new or innovative Prevention, Diversion
Harm reduction unit

An integrated risk management service for cases of stalking and other potentially dangerous persons.

Promising Prevention, Diversion, Reoffending
Help Point – all-in-one SOS system

Refuge points where anyone who feels in danger can activate an alert button and receive immediate support from a local control room.

Untested – new or innovative Prevention
Homicide prevention rapid debrief process

A rapid debrief process for homicides or ‘near miss’ incidents, completed as soon as appropriate after the offence to capture early learning and good practice.

Promising Prevention
ID scan for identifying people banned from licensed premises

ID scanning technology for late-night licensed premises pubs and clubs, linking information about banned people and night-time economy venues.

Untested – new or innovative Prevention
Improved access to details of non-molestation orders

Making details of orders more accessible to prevent domestic abuse perpetrators moving to another part of the country and targeting new victims.

Promising Prevention
Improving call management – summary, assessment, response (SAR)

Based on an FBI model that has been piloted for police call handlers to improve call management, and the application of THRIVE (threat, harm, risk, investigation, vulnerability and engagement).

Promising Organisational
Improving the quality and consistency of victim services (Op Crystal)

Focuses on improving the service delivered to victims, in particular the quality and consistency of information and updates, as well as ensuring all victim needs are assessed and addressed.

Untested – new or innovative Organisational
Inclusion moments – learning and conversations around diversity, equality and inclusion topics

Employees taking time out to have supported conversations about diversity, equality and inclusion topics for learning.

Promising Organisational
Incorporating feedback from children and young people who have been victimised

Bespoke training on the voice of the child, Victims' Code of Practice videos, forensic specialist child interviews and an intranet site around learning and tools.

Untested – new or innovative Organisational
Initial visits to victims of non-recent child abuse

Independent sexual violence advisors jointly attending initial visits to potential victims of non-recent child sexual abuse.

Untested – new or innovative Reoffending
Investigation surgeries

Face-to-face conversations with sergeants in all districts explaining force priorities and the impact of changes, to improve trust, confidence and motivation.

Promising Organisational
Investigative development programme for new sergeants

Training for newly promoted sergeants focusing on using the investigative mindset when attending and supervising crime scenes.

Untested – new or innovative Organisational
Leicestershire Police and Communities Together (LPACT)

Community events held to proactively engage with local black communities.

Untested – new or innovative Organisational
Licensing security and vulnerability initiative (licensing SAVI)

An online self-assessment tool for licensed premises, focusing on legal requirements and good practice to reduce impact at the venue and public spaces.

Untested – new or innovative Prevention
Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (Police CPI)
Nudging down burglary

A targeted nudge leaflet designed to reduce residential burglary, delivered by the local neighbourhood police team at postcodes of repeat burglaries. 

Promising Prevention
Panic alarms for domestic abuse victims

Testing the efficacy of new, innovative, audio-recording panic alarms within the household.

Promising Prevention
Perimeter intrusion detection – remote camera to reduce repeat victimisation

Using signalling camera equipment to interrupt offending patterns at sites of interest, allowing time for the crime prevention team to help the victim improve their own security arrangements.

Untested – new or innovative Prevention
PLANTER – reducing disproportionality in police use of force

A toolkit for use by community scrutiny panels when assessing body worn videos to establish if the correct level of force was used, then provide officers with consistent and constructive feedback 

Promising Organisational
Police education (Pol-Ed) teaching resources

Lesson resources for schools, to teach children and young people about the law, policing and safeguarding.

Promising Prevention
Police scrutiny of use of police powers

Internal police team to scrutinise stop searches and uses of force.

Untested – new or innovative Organisational
Positive Steps mentoring network

Workshops to support staff and officers from underrepresented groups with promotion or assessment processes.

Promising Organisational
Prevention First – training and guidance in prevention practice

A whole-system approach that aims to train officers and staff in preventative approaches, and promote problem-solving and evidence-based policing.

Promising Prevention, Organisational
Professional development and action learning sets (PeDALS)

Targeted programme for underrepresented workforce groups to improve retention and support personal development.

Untested – new or innovative Organisational
Prolific burglar intensive programme

An intensive community order that replaces a burglary defendant’s custodial sentence.

Untested – new or innovative Reoffending
Railway Guardian safe rail travel app

Combines tools to support safer travel across Transport for London (TfL) and the rail network in England, Scotland and Wales.

Untested – new or innovative Prevention
Rape and serious sexual assault investigation strategy

A three-part strategy for rape and serious sexual assault investigation, known as Project Eleos.

Promising Prevention, Reoffending
Rape and serious sexual offences (RASSO) victim feedback

Structured phone interviews with victims to improve police and partners’ understanding of their experiences of investigations.

Untested – new or innovative Organisational
Rapid video response (RVR) for domestic abuse

An immediate and optional video frontline response service for domestic abuse calls for service, rather than emergency response.

Promising Prevention
Reducing theft of catalytic converters

A problem-solving plan for catalytic converter thefts across Surrey (Operation Blink). 

Promising Prevention
Roadside posters to improve driving

A road safety campaign displaying roadside posters with 'watching eyes' in key locations, based on insights from behavioural sciences.

Promising Prevention
Safer business action days

A joint approach that focuses resources into a designated location to reduce business-related crime.

Untested – new or innovative Prevention, Diversion
Safer Nights Out van – tackling vulnerability in the night-time economy

A help point for vulnerable people, parked in the heart of Northampton's night-time economy every Friday and Saturday night.

Untested – new or innovative Prevention
Self-leadership programme for young people

Improving young people's life skills and their ability to regulate their own behaviour and challenge others, to reduce risk of harm.

Promising Diversion
Sexual harassment active bystander toolkit – Safe to Say

A campaign to prevent sexual harassment by encouraging active bystander responses.

Promising Prevention
Public Health Wales
Stopping unwanted prisoner contact with victims of domestic abuse

Protecting victims from further abuse, intimidation and coercive behaviour from perpetrators in prison by blocking communication channels.

Untested – new or innovative Reoffending
Suicide prevention focused on motorway bridges

A partnership operation to reduce suicides and improve responses to attempts on motorway bridges.

Untested – new or innovative Prevention
Survivor engagement – domestic and sexual abuse

Engaging with survivors of sexual and domestic violence through an independent advisor coordinator, to learn about their lived experience and promote change in the criminal justice system.

Untested – new or innovative Organisational
Tackling anti-social behaviour related to jetskis

Improving safety of speeding personal watercraft (PWC) along the Essex coastline, known as Operation Wave Breaker.

Promising Prevention
Targeting romance fraud using a citizen-focused approach

Use of socio-demographic data to enrich fraud-reporting data to target hotspots of romance fraud across England and Wales, leading to a reduction in monetary losses to victims of fraud.

Promising Prevention
Trauma support team (TST) to respond to victims of violence

A dedicated police team based in London's major trauma centre hospital to assist with evidence and investigations related to victims of violent crime attending hospital.

Untested – new or innovative Reoffending
Using community impact statements for knife crime

Statements that highlight the wider impact of knife crime on local communities and can be used as evidence to support prosecutions.

Untested – new or innovative Prevention
Using cyber volunteers to prevent online child victimisation

Reducing online child victimisation using a team of cyber volunteers to deliver online safety awareness messaging.

Promising Prevention, Diversion
Victim engagement forum

Involving people affected by crime and anti-social behaviour in engagement activities to scrutinise and influence service provision to victims.

Untested – new or innovative Organisational
Victim feedback panel

Engaging with victims of crime by listening and acting upon their feedback.

Untested – new or innovative Organisational
Virtual volunteers – solution-oriented policing

An online engagement platform to increase the number and diversity of volunteers who assist the police.

Untested – new or innovative Organisational
Walk and talks with young Somalian community members

Police worked with a local charity and volunteer Somalian community leaders to visit Somalian children and young people in public places. They discussed issues important to the young people, aiming to improve police engagement.

Untested – new or innovative Organisational

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