Research projects map

Details about ongoing policing and crime-reduction related research at Masters level and above.

How to use this map

Use the filters to see the research currently taking place across the UK that has been shared on the map. To view a list of the projects, select the project list filter. You can also find summaries of relevant randomised control trials (ongoing and completed).


Share your research project

You can share your research if it is:

  • relevant to policing and crime reduction

  • at Masters degree level or above

  • carried out in conjunction with a UK university

  • ongoing and not completed

Send details of your project using the online form. Your submission will then be processed and published.

Adding your randomised control trial

If you are carrying out or have carried out a randomised control trial (RCT) that is relevant to policing and crime reduction, you can share it on the map. The College publishes both ongoing and completed RCTs.

Removing your project or personal details

You can request that your name and email address or project are removed at any time. 

Email with the information you would like removed or changed.

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