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An officer's rationalisation of adding value attributed to ongoing changes within the PSNI – a case study

To critically analyse how an officer rationalises the effects of adding value attributed to change management programmes. 

Key details

Lead institution
Principal researcher(s)
Constable William Kingsberry
Police region
Collaboration and partnership

The University of South Wales and the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Level of research
Project start date
Date due for completion

Research context

This study will focus on why a perspective is developing within the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) that operational police officers may be experiencing a disconnect in response to ongoing programs of change.

This research project proposes to satisfy this research aim by:

  1. Critically evaluating the modifications and alterations made to the operational policing model at district response level by change management programmes focusing on the perceived impact on officer welfare.
  2. Critically assess whether police officers have the knowledge and skills to absorb ongoing changes without producing a negative effect on outcomes.
  3. Critically review whether police officers of the PSNI understand and can source change management methodology and policies for reference.
  4. To critically assess whether police officers of the PSNI resist change, believe if change adds value to the policing environment, and how this may impact police culture. 

Research methodology

Empirical data will be generated from a stratified and saturation sampling procedure utilising a confidential survey with a questionnaire producing data for analysis, to which we will apply two research strategies.

  1. Quantitative analysis of the survey statistical results.
  2. Qualitative review of the survey textual replies. 

Participants will be sourced from within Belfast policing district only. 

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