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Development for executive leaders

Leadership standards and development for chief officers and staff working at or towards this level.

Executive leaders course and guidance

Stage five of the police leadership programme is a world class development programme. It supports your development as a senior leader in your current role, and prepares you for potential progression to chief officer.

Police leadership programme – stage 5 (executive leaders)

Equipping our future chief officers to lead policing operations and organisations locally, regionally and nationally.  

Course details

Entry onto the executive leadership course is based on a portfolio of evidence. This helps to demonstrate your readiness for the next stage of your professional development towards executive leadership. Our guidance will assist you with the completion of your portfolio (part one).

Leadership standards (stage five)

These standards set out what good leadership looks like when you're carrying out the accountabilities of your role.

Stage five outlines the standards expected of chief officers and staff with similar levels of responsibility.

Leadership standards (stage five)

Developing leadership skills in your current role

Opportunities to develop leadership skills in your current role.

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