National Centre for Police Leadership

We’re delivering a new home for police leadership – the College’s National Centre for Police Leadership.

This new National Centre for Police Leadership (NCPL) will act as a hub for our leadership offer. It will set standards for all levels of leadership and provide a host of guidance, tools and resources to support development for everyone in policing. 

The NCPL will also redefine and support professional development as an essential element of progression and promotion by police officers. It will provide specific development to under represented and undiscovered talent at all levels. 

The College has already created a number of leadership resources, and these will be further developed throughout 2023/24.

The NCPL underpins everyone’s commitment to, and investment in, the police service and will help ensure we have the right people, with the right skills, knowledge, behaviours, and values to deliver the policing vision.

We know many forces are already doing great work in this area and it’s our aim to build upon this and share examples of good practice.

Police leadership programme

As part of the new NCPL, we're working with a range of forces to develop and roll out a leadership programme. This is to ensure that everybody who works or volunteers in policing, across England and Wales, can have the same opportunities to develop their leadership skills at every stage of their career.  

We've already started to deliver the first stage through our new entry routes. 

Leadership at all levels

Leadership guidance and resources for police officers and staff at all stages of their career.

Coaching and mentoring skills workshop

Develop coaching skills to support the progression of underrepresented police officers and staff.

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Leadership at a senior level

Leadership guidance and resources for police officers and staff at a senior level.

Mentoring for senior leaders

Mentoring schemes and opportunities to become a mentor

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