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Development for first-line leaders

Leadership standards and development for sergeants and staff working at or towards this level.

First-line leaders curriculum

Stage two of the police leadership programme supports your development and prepares you for potential progression into a sergeant or first-line leader role. It's also open to existing sergeants to support you to be the best you can be in your current role.

You'll learn how to: 

  • influence and develop an inclusive culture at work that values diversity 

  • challenge discrimination and inappropriate behaviour such as bullying and harassment 

  • build and maintain effective relationships with stakeholders, communities and partners 

  • develop the skills needed to coach and mentor others 

The curriculum is delivered by police forces across England and Wales, supported by the College of Policing, to provide leadership training and development to a consistent national standard. It provides the learning outcomes and minimum programme content that's needed for officers and staff to meet the national police leadership standards.

Implementing the curriculum

If you're implementing the design and delivery of a leadership development programme for a force, you can access the curriculum through the leadership centre catalogue on College Learn. 

You'll need to register and log-in to access this content. 

Access the curriculum

Leadership standards (stage two)

These standards set out what good leadership looks like when you're carrying out the accountabilities of your role.

Stage two outlines the standards expected of sergeants and staff with similar levels of responsibility.

Leadership standards (stage two)

Career progression

Learn about promotion processes and how to progress your career in policing.

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