PIP level 3 – major crime investigation module

Perform the role of senior investigator on major investigations.

This module is designed to build on the knowledge and skills developed in the core learning module to enable SIOs, on completion of the programme, to be able to perform the role of senior investigator on major investigations.

The module includes:

  • the strategic management of a major crime investigation
  • working with the pathologist
  • deployment of family liaison officers (FLO)
  • management of corporate manslaughter investigations
  • large scale multi-agency investigations
  • the role of expert witnesses in an investigation

Key details

Qualification eligibility
Accreditation notes:

Registration on the national SIO database as a major crime SIO.

Course contact

Additional information


  • access to major crime investigations, eg, homicide, complex child sexual abuse investigations
  • complete the relevant outcomes of the DVI core knowledge and DVI senior identification manager learning (a session is included in the major crime module to cover this topic area)

Continued learning and post-requisites

Completion of: