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Aspire leadership development programme

Knowledge, tools, confidence and skills for senior leaders who identify as being from a group currently underrepresented in the service.

This programme is suitable for chief inspectors, superintendents and police staff with equivalent responsibility.

It is assumed that delegates are senior leaders with a broad experience of leadership and supervision.

During the course, delegates will work in a mixed cohort of senior leaders to address the following key themes.

  • Developing self-awareness and confidence.
  • Sharing experience and peer support.
  • Developing self-directed learning and development.
  • Inclusion.


The course will allow you to reflect upon your lived experiences and career challenges while:

  • improving self-confidence
  • developing a strong professional network
  • accessing peer support
  • learning from role models
  • making clear plans to reach your full potential

Course learning and activities

  • imposter syndrome
  • psychological safety
  • self-confidence
  • Be Talent Strengths psychometric
  • presentation skills
  • overcoming unwanted feelings
  • individual tutorials
  • independent study
  • peer coaching and feedback
  • reflection
  • executive coaching (three sessions)

Key details

Qualification eligibility

Chief inspectors, superintendents and police staff equivalents who identify as being from a group currently underrepresented in the service.

Practitioner group

Senior management or leadership responsibilities in a policing environment.


Four days.


Free to Home Office forces and core customers.

Cancellation fee applies.


Course contact
Additional information

Delegates will receive exclusive access to College of Policing continuing professional development (CPD) events provided for senior leadership hub alumni from underrepresented backgrounds.

Where possible, delegates are encouraged to attend this programme as the first stage of their College of Policing development pathway before attending the senior leadership development programme (SLDP).

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