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Senior leadership development programme (SLDP) changes

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The police leadership programme – stage 4 (senior leaders) replaces the SLDP in April 2024
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The SLDP is being replaced with the police leadership programme – stage 4 (senior leaders). The change follows the recent launch of the new leadership standards and new curriculum for all stages of our police leadership programme.

The police leadership programme – stage 4 (senior leaders) is for chief superintendents, superintendents, chief inspectors and police staff with equivalent responsibility. It supports attendees to:

  • develop better awareness of their natural strengths and their areas for development
  • fulfil their potential
  • lead effectively in a complex and demanding environment

The curriculum is also being expanded to include aspects of both operational and strategic leadership.

The changes take place from April 2024. There will be a short pause in the delivery of the SLDP while this happens. We are contacting anyone impacted by these changes, who will be given priority booking on the new programme. We are honouring the SLDP courses for delegates up to this time. 

Why the SLDP is changing

The changes follow a review into chief officer development and progression in September 2022, which included recommendations to improve diversity and representation and widen the talent pipeline.

Our police leadership programme spans each stage of a career in policing. The changes to the SLDP ensures there's alignment to the police leadership programme, and progression from stage 4 (senior leaders) to stage 5 (executive leaders).

What the programme includes

The police leadership programme – stage 4 (senior leaders) consists of four modules. These are completed over nine months, through a combination of online and face-to-face teaching. Module 1 is a remote, pre-learning module.

If you're already enrolled on the SLDP

If you have completed or are scheduled to complete the SLDP module 1, you should keep your module 2 date. There will be limited opportunity to complete module 2 if you miss your scheduled date.

There will not be an option to transfer from the SLDP to the police leadership programme – stage 4 (senior leaders), as they are independent programmes with different content. Not completing module 2 will mean previous learning on the programme cannot be recognised.

If you have any queries about courses you are booked onto, contact [email protected].

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