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Police leadership and building links with minority communities

Published on 14 October 2021
Working on diversity and inclusion in policing and community engagement as part of a leadership pathway
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Chief Superintendent Dennis Murray

Chief Superintendent Dennis Murray QPM joined the Special Constabulary and knew almost instantly that he wanted a full-time career in policing.

The son of parents who migrated from India in the 1960s, Dennis left school at 17 and had a variety of jobs before joining the police. He worked as a hate crimes officer in the Criminal Investigation Department for a number of years. He built links with minority communities and learned more about what diversity and inclusion means within policing.

In 2008, having worked as a PC for 16 years with no desire to go on to senior leadership, the revised high potential scheme offered the opportunity to study for a master’s degree. Dennis accessed the support available and has never looked back.

He recalls: 'I remember coming out of the process and going, “If I haven’t passed that, it was still really enjoyable."'

He says that getting tips and advice from people who have already been on the journey will inform the plan you need to develop. Creating this plan will help you to understand where you are, where you want to go and what steps you need to take to get there.

Dennis advises that going to your supervising officer 12 months before you intend to apply for the next promotion board is a good way to avoid disappointment. ‘Go to them and say, “It’s my intention to apply for the next board. What is it you expect to see and where do you think I’m at in relation to that expectation?”’

Go into the room with a plan and armed with the evidence to come out with a yes. And when they ask you the questions, you’ve got the answers ready for them, you’ve got the plan ready for them. So there’s no other option but to give you the answer you want.

Chief Superintendent Dennis Murray

Hear from Dennis about his personal journey to senior police leadership and his advice to aspiring police officers and staff who are considering starting their own leadership journeys.

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