Latest changes to APP

Overview of the latest changes to APP.

APP is subject to review (either scheduled or triggered) in consultation with the relevant National Policing Business Area. All amendments go through a review process and further information is available from [email protected]

More detailed changes to APP content may be recorded separately by the the APP team. If you require a copy of APP as it was on a particular date (for example, for an enquiry) please email [email protected]. All requests must be approved by the relevant Policing Standards Manager.

Latest changes to APP

Date Category Guidance Changes
Investigation Working with suspects

A sentence and link added for the APP on Police response to a concern for a child, Arrest strategy added in the Investigation > Working suspects > other considerations section.

Prosecution and case management Possible justice outcomes following investigation

2012 ACPO 'Guidance on the Use of Community Resolutions (CR) Incorporating Restorative Justice' replaced by 2022 NPCC 'Community resolutions guidance'.

Investigation Managing investigations

'Managing scenes' moved into new section under Investigative strategies – Scene strategy.

Investigation > Investigative strategies Scene strategy

'Managing scenes' now titled 'Scene strategy', and moved from 'Managing investigations' into new section under 'Investigative strategies'.

Extraction of material from digital devices Extraction of material from digital devices

APP replaced by the Home Office code of practice. APP removed and replaced with links to the code of practice and the College guidance for sanctioning officers

Detention and custody Response, arrest and detention

Information added about changes affecting pre-charge bail due to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022.

Investigation > Investigative interviewing Investigative interviewing

Edited section about the difference between a caution and a special warning.

Investigation Working with suspects

Removed reference to ACPO (2006) Practitioner’s Guide to Intelligence-Led Mass DNA Screening from 'Mass screening enquiries > Considerations' section. 

Stop and search > Legal Legal application

New section added on the use of force during stop and search.

Major investigation and public protection Knife crime

Document title changed from 'Guidelines on the Investigation, Cautioning and Charging of Knife Crime Offences' to 'Guidelines on the Cautioning and Charging of Knife Crime Offences'. Link updated to the latest version of the document.

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