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Our international work

Working with our government and law enforcement partners, we are committed to helping support professional and accountable policing throughout the world. This commitment underpins the skills and capability building work we undertake for international partners.

We work closely with the Home Office (HO), the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and other departments to ensure our international assistance is consistent with the UK’s national and international objectives.

What we do

Internationally, we work with:

  • inter-governmental organisations
  • law enforcement agencies
  • foreign governments
  • the commercial sector

We offer:

  • specialist operational policing advice
  • leadership
  • learning and development expertise
  • capability building
  • access to professional guidance and evidence-based practice

We share our knowledge and experience with international policing to improve professionalism, consistency and leadership.

Why we provide international support

The UK invests in supporting improvements to policing internationally for many important reasons. In an increasingly interconnected world our security, prosperity and freedom are linked to that of other countries. Professional police forces that have the trust and confidence of people and respond to the diverse needs of all communities help provide a platform for security, prosperity, and freedom.

Capabilities and skills development

Our work with international partners aims to support improvement and capability building across a range of technical and behavioural skills, including:

  • command
  • digital investigation
  • diversity & inclusion
  • intelligence
  • leadership
  • professional investigation
  • public protection
  • wellbeing

Accessing our services

We host international delegates on many of our UK delivered training programmes and provide in-country delivery overseas.

We also offer a range of resources on evidence-based policing and professional guidance.

Contact us

Get in touch for more information about our services and to discuss how we can help you:

Email [email protected]

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