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Ethics, transparency and disclosure

Details of international assistance and countries we've worked with to date, and our commitment to human rights and the Code of Ethics

First published

In the interests of transparency, and in line with the ICO’s model publication scheme, we publish details of our international work.

We must also balance the need for transparency with the duty of confidentiality to the organisations we work with.

We operate in an environment where similar services may be offered by other organisations and we have a duty to protect public funds by remaining competitive. Publishing exact figures paid by individual countries could significantly undermine our ability to carry out that duty.

There are other reasons why we may not disclose specific details of all overseas work, including where:

  • to do so could expose vulnerabilities in the capability of overseas police forces that could be exploited by criminals
  • British citizens deployed overseas could be put at risk by such disclosure
  • our work may have links to counterterrorism or protecting citizens both in the UK and abroad

Countries assisted in the last 12 months

In the last 12 months, we have worked across five continents, supporting countries including:

Australia, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Canada, Cyprus, Fiji, Kosovo, Malta, Montserrat, Oman, Pakistan, Republic of Singapore, Republic of South Africa.

Human rights and Code of Ethics

All our services are consistent with the British model of policing by consent.

Consideration of human rights and our Code of Ethics underpins all our work and informs decision-making on whether to proceed with or decline a request for international assistance.

Decisions about our work overseas must also reconcile the difficulties of working with countries whose standards of human rights may be at odds with our own, with the opportunity to address national security concerns, reduce harm, help to protect UK citizens overseas and contribute to positive reform in those countries.

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