Coaching for senior leaders

Coaching options for senior leaders.

Executive coaching is included for senior leaders as part of the:

We are also able to offer this service to all senior leaders on a chargeable basis.

Coaching is a development activity that takes place between a coach and client over a set period of time, with the aim of enabling the client to identify and follow set goals or objectives. Coaching can take commitment and personal challenge.

Coaching can help you:

  • develop your career
  • become a great leader
  • work effectively with others
  • get to know your strengths and contributions
  • deal with change in your professional life
  • improve your self-confidence
  • feel empowered

To find out whether coaching is the right option for you, email [email protected] and a development advisor will contact you, in confidence, to discuss how we can best help.

The coaches

We have established a pool of trained, professional coaches to provide support on a chargeable basis. These are people from within and outside of the College with a variety of policing experience.

Our coaches are committed to maintaining an appropriate level of competence and ensuring that they have sufficient knowledge and expertise to perform effectively. All adhere to a professional code of conduct relevant to coaching and will provide information to this effect to clients upon request.

Types of coaching

Face to face

Six hours (typically three two-hour sessions).


Coaching by telephone or skype.

One-off sessions

This may be useful for providing feedback on a particular development tool, for example, 360-degree feedback or personality tools. It can also be useful for a particular event, for example, to prepare for an interview or presentation. However, the evidence suggests that to be most effective, coaching typically takes place over a number of sessions.

Career development coaching

We can provide a set of three coaching sessions over Skype or telephone with the option of additional development tools for the purposes of career development.

This package consists of three one-hour sessions over a specified period, with the addition of a validated development tool. 


The cost of each type of coaching is slightly different, so contact us at [email protected] for further details.

Whether you are interested in face to face, or virtual sessions, we will have a chat with you initially to discuss your requirements – we then send you the biographies of three executive coaches for you to choose from.

You have an opportunity for a 30-minute, no-obligation conversation with a coach of your choice to ensure 'best fit' before committing. Face to face coaching is free of charge; virtual coaching is £66.

Coaching over shorter periods may not qualify for this 'best fit' session, but this will be discussed with you, depending on the circumstances.

Once you agree to work together, you will get a contract with the coach which provides a framework for the coaching.

Many of our coaches have access to a variety of tools or techniques which can be used to add additional depth to the coaching sessions.

An opportunity for feedback and evaluation will be given, to ensure quality is maintained.

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