Promoting the right culture

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Improving public confidence by building trust and mutual respect.

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Written by College of Policing
Neighbourhood policing

Promoting the right culture – guideline

Chief officers should promote an organisational culture that encourages the public to participate in neighbourhood policing. They should take steps to ensure that all police contact with colleagues, partners and the public seeks to build trust and is consistent with procedural justice (requiring fair decision making and respectful treatment). 

Essential elements include:

  • treating people fairly and with dignity and respect
  • giving people a chance to express their views, listening and taking them into account
  • making impartial decisions and explaining how they were reached
  • being open and honest

Promoting procedural justice should:

  • lead to officers, staff and volunteers treating the public fairly and with respect
  • improve public confidence in the police
  • increase local capacity by increasing the willingness of communities to help the police, be involved and take greater ownership of problems
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