Building analytical capability

Thinking analytically, using and sharing data and analysis to improve problem solving. 

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Written by College of Policing
Neighbourhood policing

Building analytical capability - guideline

Chief officers should ensure there is sufficient analytical capacity and capability necessary for problem solving.

Essential elements include:

  • officers, staff and volunteers thinking analytically when dealing with problems
  • officers, staff and volunteers accessing appropriate data and tools to carry out their own analysis
  • facilitating access to skilled analysts
  • sharing of data, analysis and analytical resources between police and partners
  • sharing of good practice within forces, across the service and with partners

Effectively building analytical capacity and capability should:

  • ensure problem-solving activities are based on a good understanding of problems
  • enable the impact and outcomes of responses to be assessed
  • lead to greater efficiencies through sharing resources
Empirical evidence
Practitioner evidence
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