Chief officer CPD opportunities

CPD opportunities for assistant chief constables, commanders and above and police staff equivalent.

Strategic command course (SCC) opportunities 

Operational leadership module assessor on the SCC

Available to substantive chief officers or SCC alumni who are not yet in a chief officer post. 

This is an opportunity to support the development of future chief officers, as well as enhance your assessment and feedback skills.

You will be required to assess written assignments against assessment criteria and conduct professional discussions with students for the operational leadership module.

Get in touch: [email protected] 

Syndicate director on the SCC

Syndicate directors play an extremely important role in developing the future senior leaders of our service. In this role, you will facilitate the learning and development of a group of up to 10 students.

Applications are open for expressions of interest. Deadline: 25 June 2021.

Get in touch: [email protected] 

Feedback from former syndicate directors:

Eight years on from my own SCC, I felt it was time to give something back to help develop those starting out on their chief officer journeys. I am so glad I did, for not only is it inspiring to see the talent waiting to come through, it was equally a privilege to assist in the development of their thinking as they transition to tomorrow's chief officers. The added bonus came in gaining a very welcome personal CPD event for chief officers of today.

Chief Constable Charlie Hall, Hertfordshire Constabulary


The context of policing evolves and with it, so does the SCC. This makes the role of syndicate director a valuable CPD opportunity for any chief officer. Over and above this, the energy and optimism of the delegates is infectious and made for a really inspiring start to my year.

Assistant Commissioner Matt Jukes, Metropolitan Police Service

Deliver the strategic command course 

Available to chief officers. 

Delivering a session on the SCC is an opportunity for you to be a part of a team that supports the development of future senior leaders.

Alongside the students, you will benefit greatly from the broad range of experience and perspectives shared by the delivery team. It will also build your professional networks and professional profile, and enhance your presentation, facilitation and training delivery skills.

Get in touch: [email protected] 

Deliver leadership events

​Available to senior and executive leaders in policing with a proven track record in demonstrating exemplary leadership skills and achieving successful outcomes.

In the capacity of a service associate, you will work with the College to jointly develop and deliver leadership learning interventions. The benefits of this include:    

  • enabling you to experience first hand the latest training/learning and network with other senior and executive leaders in policing across the country
  • challenge your thinking and gain new perspectives on what works for leadership development in policing
  • develop your training delivery skills through on-the-job coaching but also via a trainer skills development programme, as needed, including the opportunity to achieve the award in education and training (AET)
  • influence the College's leadership offer and approach to implementation

Senior selection assessor

Entry onto the fast track for serving constables programme, direct entry programmes and the strategic command course is recommended based upon performance at national assessment centres. We need individuals with experience of performing the target roles, or the police staff equivalents, to objectively assess candidates at the fast track and direct entry assessment centres and assessment processes for the strategic command course (senior PNAC and the senior police staff assessment process for the SCC).

We would welcome anyone who has experience of performing in the target roles or the police staff equivalent with a minimum of one years' experience substantive in the rank/grade. 

Fast track and direct entry (inspector) processes

You must be a substantive superintendent, chief superintendent, chief officer or police staff equivalent or have completed the high potential development scheme or the fast track programme yourself and be a substantive inspector or chief inspector.

Direct entry (superintendent) process

You must be a substantive superintendent, chief superintendent, chief officer or police staff equivalent.

Assessment processes for the SCC

You must be a substantive chief police officer or police staff member. 

To be able to assess at the assessment centres you must complete the initial assessor briefing (IAB), which is a two-day course. 

To book a place on the IAB, email: [email protected]

After you have successfully completed the IAB you will be emailed  to confirm your availability to assess at a scheduled assessment centre. Each assessment centre requires your commitment for three or four consecutive days. Assessment centres are held at the College of Policing's Harperley Hall site.

Subject matter expert for assessment centre exercise design

The selection and assessment team, within the College of Policing, are responsible for the design, delivery and quality assurance of a number of senior-level selection and assessment processes including:

  • senior police national assessment centre (senior PNAC)
  • senior police staff assessment process for the strategic command course (SCC)
  • senior leaders development centre
  • fast track for serving constables assessment centre
  • direct entry (inspectors and superintendents) assessment centres

Throughout the design process, the team seek the involvement of police officers and police staff, at the appropriate levels, as well as key stakeholders to ensure the relevance, accuracy and currency of the exercises. 

As a design subject matter expert, you could be asked to attend events to advise on the content of draft exercises or attend a pilot to act as a mock candidate to help test the effectiveness of draft exercises. 

Your involvement as a subject matter expert from within the police service will underpin the entire design process and help us to ensure that the assessment processes focus appropriately on the issues that will be critical for the next generation of police leaders. 

Through the events, you will have an opportunity to discuss issues within the design with peers across the service and develop an understanding of how the national assessment processes are designed.


Details of peer mentoring for chief officers, reverse mentoring resources for forces and mentoring for senior leaders from underrepresented groups are on our mentoring page

Psychometric assessments 

Available to those who have been successful at the senior police national assessment centre (senior PNAC) or in the senior police staff assessment process and are interested in attending the strategic command course (SCC).

These assessments are confidential and include a feedback session with a qualified professional to help you interpret the results. This will help you develop your learning objectives for the SCC and post-course continuing professional development (CPD).

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