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PIP level 3 – serious and organised crime (SOCA) module

Perform the role of senior investigator in serious and organised crime investigation.

This module is designed to build on the knowledge and skills developed in the core learning module to enable SIOs, on completion of the programme, to be able to perform the role of senior investigator in serious and organised crime investigation. 

It covers the strategic, tactical and risk elements essential for serious and organised crime and elements including:

  • organised crime group mapping
  • firearms threat and risk
  • how internal and external specialists and organisations can assist

Key details

Qualification eligibility
Accreditation notes:

Registration on the national SIO database as a serious and organised crime SIO.

Additional information


  • Access to investigations of serious and organised crime (eg, OCG target operations, counter-terrorism or corruption)

Continued learning and post-requisites

Completion of:

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