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About our secondment scheme

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Secondees share their experiences
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Our secondment scheme offers police officers, police staff and civil servants the opportunity to influence key policing issues at a national level while sharing diverse knowledge and expertise from local forces and organisations.

We talked to some of our current secondees about their experiences, and what it has meant for them personally and professionally.

The secondee network has been a labour of absolute love and enjoyment. We’re so lucky and privileged to have such an amazing talent pool of people all in the one room from across the country who have that solid core purpose ... of course we’re not just police officers, we’re police staff, we’re from the military as well ... There’s no skills, I don't think, that we haven’t got or that we can’t nurture.  

Claire Van Deurs Goss, Greater Manchester Police 

Graham McCallum from Police Scotland, referring to the scheme as 'a career high', commented on the unique opportunities for networking and professional development it offers. Nita Pankhania from Thames Valley Police agreed it was really helpful to put names to faces and pool local knowledge.

They do so much at the College to make you feel, very quickly, part of the family. All they want to do is for you to really improve who you are, but it’s also the opportunity to work around the different forces. You get to see that there’s a lot of commonality that you thought perhaps was individual with your force. But actually, it’s not.

Jacqui Prest, Greater Manchester Police 

Elaine Clarke-Williams from Greater Manchester Police felt her time as a seconded member of police staff would offer her enhanced credibility and the ability to bring back ideas that would make a difference. And Lisa Gore, from South Wales Police, added:

I thought I knew about what the College did. But, in reality, I only scratched the surface. One of the things that I try to do is, when I’m having interactions with the forces, is try and raise awareness about everything the College has to offer. I just didn’t realise about how small the College is in size but how huge the offer is that the College brings. And what I will say is it’s probably the most inclusive place that I’ve ever worked and I feel the most valued that I ever have. 

Lisa Gore, South Wales Police

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