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Learn to lead – CPD in focus day five

Published on 26 November 2021
Learning is still important whatever your rank or level, or how long you’ve been in the service
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Two police officers

As a leader, investing in learning and development is beneficial – irrespective of level. It not only supports your own professional development, helping you achieve your career goals, but also helps you to act as a role model for your team and colleagues.

The College has developed a wide range of materials to support you in developing your leadership skills.

Our resources are designed for leading at all levels. We have resources to help you if you are:

The National Police Library has a variety of online resources around leadership learning and development. There is a range of information around role-specific CPD available in the professional profiles.

As a leader, you might also be thinking about how you can help to develop a positive learning environment that supports the development of everyone in policing. 

Detective Inspector Victoria Cubby tells us about the supportive learning culture at Durham Constabulary:

Information around developing a learning culture can be found in a series of webinar recordings featuring experienced speakers from policing, industry and academia:

  • Commander Alex Murray (MPS)
  • Professor Jean Hartley (Open University)
  • Andy Lancaster (CIPD) 
  • Mark Stevenson (South Wales Police)

Coaching and mentoring is another great way you can provide support and guidance and make a big difference to somebody’s professional development.

The professional development review (PDR) process

Regular formal and informal conversations with line managers can help individuals identify and frame their developmental aims, locate opportunities and help put that learning into practice.

The College has produced a range of resources to support forces, managers and individuals get the most out of the PDR process. Your force may also have a range of materials to support you.

Hear from Detective Inspector James Ansell as he talks about what he thinks makes a good leader:

Your role as a leader promoting, role-modelling and supporting learning and development is so important.

Live online event – learning to lead

  • Friday 26 November, midday to 1:30pm
  • Hosted by Chief Constable Jo Shiner, Chief Superintendent Raj Kohli, Inspector Tuseef Ahmed and Sergeant Chris Excell

Through a series of short presentations, a range of police leaders will explore questions such as 'what do we really mean by leadership at all levels?' and 'how do we develop a leadership culture?'

Our leaders will reflect on how they role-model positive engagement with CPD. They will also share how they create an environment that supports everyone in their teams, departments and forces to positively participate in CPD. The range of speakers from across all levels of leadership will provide examples of approaches and considerations towards CPD.

Find more information about this and other webinars we have run this week. If you’re interested in this live webinar then please sign up before 10:30am.

A recording will be available after the session (you will need to sign up to receive the recording).

Get involved and take part

Join the CPD Focus Knowledge Hub group (you will need to log in) to access a range of learning resources and book onto events that forces across the UK are running as part of CPD in focus 2021.

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