Professional development review (PDR)

What a PDR is and how it is used for development.

The PDR is a tool used to support police officers and staff to take ownership of their professional development and plan career progression. 

The College has developed a set of principles and process expectations for PDR – they are there to help you get the most from the PDR process.

It provides an opportunity for individuals and their line managers to discuss a range of topics including welfare and the information recorded can be used to support a range of development activities. More information can be found in our purposes and benefits document.

In accordance with Police Regulations 2003, all police officers who are on pay progression, up to the rank of chief inspector, must have a PDR.

The PDR also enables line managers to:

  • discuss wellbeing 
  • review performance
  • identify learning and development opportunities
  • provide formal recognition of good work and performance
  • set and note changes to objectives
  • assist in career development