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Introducing College Learn for everyone across policing

Published on 27 July 2021
Online learning resources are easier for you to access on our new platform that replaces MLE (previously known as NCALT)
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We’ve worked closely with officers and staff across policing, including those with accessibility needs, to make sure College Learn is easy to use across a range of devices and browsers, including mobile.

Once registered, learners can complete national packages including Operation Modify on digital intelligence and investigations and refreshed Victims’ Code learning.

College Learn – which replaces managed learning environment (MLE), previously known as NCALT – also hosts local learning, developed specifically to meet the individual needs of each force. Learning is available 24 hours a day, supporting everyone across policing to continue to develop the skills and knowledge needed to keep people safe.

Police officers, staff and volunteers who already have an MLE account will be able to access College Learn immediately. All of your completed and in progress learning will be transferred to the new platform.

How College Learn differs from MLE

College Learn features an improved search function and provides you with quick access to the most important areas of the platform directly from the homepage, including mandatory and in-progress learning.

We know that frequently resetting your password can be frustrating. When you first log in to College Learn you’ll be asked to change your password to meet our new security criteria. Once changed, you’ll only need to reset your password if you forget it.

We’ve listened to feedback from officers and staff who use our online learning. College Learn includes more self-service support and the option to add a personal recovery email address. You can also download and email learning certificates to yourself for your own records.

  • We welcome your ongoing feedback. Do tell us about your experience of College Learn: [email protected]
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