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Public order public safety

Forces should understand that various individuals at a public order public safety (POPS) event or operation may require safeguarding. POPS commanders should consider the safeguarding needs of individuals and groups in planning for POPS events and operations. 


Safeguarding considerations may include:

  • the presence of children at events and associated child protection issues
  • adults at risk and sexual assault considerations 
  • violence against women and girls 
  • vulnerability and safeguarding concerns because of alcohol and/or drug consumption 
  • mental health
  • missing persons protocols
  • the provision of relevant medical assistance or mental health first aiders
  • the appointment of safeguarding officers with clearly defined roles in a POPS event or operation 
  • the provision of toilet and washing facilities

Protest camps

Protest camps may be established during protests. Children and young people often accompany older relatives or friends at these camps. As protests may continue for extended periods of time, officers should liaise with health and education partners to consider the safety of the children and vulnerable individuals present at such locations. 

Vulnerable people

While policing an event, police officers may have to deal with vulnerable persons exhibiting signs of mental ill health.

Specific guidance in relation to mental health can be found in the Mental health APP.

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