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Cyber security

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Public order public safety

Public order public safety (POPS) planners and commanders should consider potential cyber security threats and the use of event monitoring services to identify and assess potential cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Further considerations include:

  • assist the development of cyber incident response plans and procedures
  • implement security controls to protect against identified cyber threats
  • monitor and assess the effectiveness of security controls
  • maintain cyber incident response capabilities and readiness

National Management Centre

The Police Digital Service’s National Management Centre (NMC) is the national centre of expertise dedicated to protecting police forces across the UK against cybercrime.

Police forces should consider using the NMC services for:

  • guidance on cyber security best practices and incident response
  • incident response services for assistance with investigating and mitigating cyber incidents
  • threat intelligence to stay informed about current and emerging cyber threats
  • training and guidance for planning and implementing event monitoring solutions (you will need to log in to College Learn)
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