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Authorised Professional Practice

This page is from APP, the official source of professional practice for policing.


A range of tools and instruments are available to first responders and investigators to support them when conducting inquiries or investigation involving foreign nationals or information held overseas. In particular, there are additional checks that need to be undertaken when dealing with a foreign national, as well as tactical options available to investigators through Immigration Enforcement (IE) to disrupt criminality or support transnational investigations. In all cases when considering IE tactics, these should promote safeguarding and the welfare of victims, witnesses and suspects, as well as furthering the needs of the investigation.

The contents of this APP applies to both European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and non-EU countries. Where differences occur between EU and non-EU processes, these will be highlighted.

  • Following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, where EU instruments are no longer relevant these have been highlighted and alternative arrangements included. Contact the ICCC for further information on the changes.

The International Crime Coordination Centre (ICCC) has been established to support and advise UK policing to better use international instruments, especially through the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Guidance on all matters relating to international policing can be found on the ICCC page of the Knowledge Hub (Knowledge Hub log in required).

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