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Latest changes to APP

Overview of the latest changes to APP.

APP is subject to review (either scheduled or triggered) in consultation with the relevant National Policing Business Area. All amendments go through a review process and further information is available from [email protected]

More detailed changes to APP content may be recorded separately by the the APP team. If you require a copy of APP as it was on a particular date (for example, for an enquiry) please email [email protected]. All requests must be approved by the relevant Policing Standards Manager.

Latest changes to APP

Date Category Guidance Changes
Public order public safety Legal framework and legislation

The Ministry of Justice has confirmed the commencement date for changes to section 5 of the Public Order Act, currently referenced in Public Order APP as 'forthcoming'..

Prosecution and case management Possible justice outcomes following investigation

Changes to Adult Cautions which pre-empt the full review of all OoCD's (due in March 2014).

Investigation Working with victims and witnesses

Updated reference material available (second edition of title which was provided as the link at launch): ACPO (2013) Advice on the Structure of Visually Recorded Witness Interviews (Second Edition).

Roads policing Partner agencies

Addition of a link to newly-published document: ACPO et al (2013) Strategic Road Responders Agreement.

Civil emergencies > Disaster victim identification Recovering and identifying the deceased and human remains

Content changes.

Roads policing Police pursuits

Wording change: “tactical phase trained advanced drivers” changed to “advanced drivers”.

Information management > Management of police information Evaluation

Change to wording of reference material.

Civil emergencies > Civil contingencies Civil contingencies

From obsolete URL

Reinstatement of links to downloadable templates, minor changes having been made to templates. 

Civil emergencies > Civil contingencies Civil contingencies

From obsolete URL

Remove links to downloadable templates

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