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Armed policing strategic threat and risk assessment (APSTRA)

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Armed policing
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Forces are required to produce an annual armed policing strategic threat and risk assessment (APSTRA). The APSTRA will be reviewed at least every six months, but should be continually monitored and utilised to inform armed policing capability and capacity in response to local regional and national developments and requirements.

Force APSTRAs will be used to create aggregated collaborative and national APSTRAs.

The purpose of the APSTRA is to establish the operational requirements for armed policing and less lethal options within the applicable force or region.

The strategic threat and risk assessment (STRA) will inform decisions to be made with regard to the appropriate:

  • armed policing deployment profile across the force (or relevant area)
  • armed policing capability
  • armed policing firearms policy and training
  • future armed policing demands and threats

Further information

The following document is available on Knowledge Hub in support of the production of an STRA:

‘Direction on the compilation of armed policing strategic threat and risk assessments (APSTRAs)’ 2019.

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