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What we offer as an employer

What you can expect as an employee joining the College.

We value difference, diversity and equality among our people and are proud of the contribution everyone makes to our work.

We know that your commitment, motivation and enthusiasm are key to achieving our strategic aim of supporting everyone in policing to reduce crime and keep people safe.

In return, we want you to feel appreciated. We know this extends to more than just your salary. We want to make sure we offer a flexible and inclusive environment for you to thrive, no matter what your personal circumstances are. We're passionate about our people and offer a wide range of benefits.

Your pay

New entrants external to the College and Civil Service are normally appointed at the advertised pay scale minimum for the grade. There is some scope for negotiation based on skills and experience.

For existing College or Civil Service staff, salary on appointment would normally be determined by applying the College's usual salary progression rules.

If the appointment is on level transfer, your substantive salary (excluding any allowances) will remain unchanged unless:

  • it exceeds the maximum stated within the College pay band
  • the successful candidate's current salary is below the relevant College grade minimum

If the appointment is on temporary or substantive promotion, the successful candidate's salary will be increased by the appropriate promotion percentage or moved to the relevant College grade minimum – whichever is the greater.

Your pension

Career average pension

Along with your salary, your pension is one of the most important benefits of joining the Civil Service. We offer a generous career average pension scheme, where we contribute up to 30.3% of your salary each year.

Partnership pension

If you don’t want to join our career average scheme, we also offer the partnership scheme, where you don't need to make a monthly contribution from your salary. We'll still contribute up to 14.5% each year to your pension pot.

Death benefit

You can nominate a loved one to receive a death benefit lump sum in the event of your death. If you are still in service, this lump sum will be at least two years' pay. If you are retired, this lump sum will be five times your annual pension including any adjustments based on prices, minus any pension and lump sum you have already received.

Your time off

Annual leave

As a College of Policing employee, you receive 25 days of annual leave in your first year, increasing by one day each year up to a total of 30 days after five years of service (full time equivalent).

In addition to bank holidays and annual leave, you also receive 2.5 days of privilege leave each year – one day for the King’s birthday in June and 1.5 days without restrictions.

Flexi leave and time off in lieu

All staff at grades up to 2B are eligible to work flexibly and accrue flexi time for any additional hours they may have to work. These hours can then be taken off at another time. Those that are required to work outside of their normal scheduled hours but don’t participate in the flexi scheme may receive time off in lieu (TOIL).

Special leave

You can take advantage of special leave to pursue commitments or interests outside of work. This may be paid or unpaid. It can be used to take a career break, deal with domestic and caring emergencies, for bereavement, for study or to take part in volunteering or sporting opportunities.

Fertility treatment leave

Embarking on IVF or other fertility treatment can affect people in many different ways. We will grant you up to 10 days’ paid fertility treatment leave per annual leave year.

Enhanced maternity, paternity and adoption leave

To help you prepare, recover and care for your new child, we offer enhanced maternity and adoption leave. This means you can take up to 26 weeks at full pay, followed by a further 13 weeks at the statutory maternity pay and 13 weeks of unpaid leave.

If your partner is pregnant or you are the adopter’s partner, you may be eligible to take up to two consecutive weeks’ paternity leave at full pay, as well as a further week’s paid leave to be taken within 56 days after your child is born or placed.

Alternatively, you may prefer to share a period of leave instead. Shared parental leave allows you to share up to 37 weeks of paid maternity or adoption leave (and corresponding statutory pay) between yourself and your partner.

Your career development

Structured training

To ensure you have the right skills for your current role or to take your career to the next level, you can enrol in a wide range of structured training programmes. This includes the Aspire leadership development programme, the senior leadership development programme (SLDP) and Step into Management. You also have access to Civil Service programmes such as Beyond Boundaries and the Future Leaders Scheme.


You may be eligible to join a role-related apprenticeship programme while working for us. An apprenticeship offers you the chance to upskill yourself in line with industry standards and gain a formal qualification from level 3 (A-level equivalent) up to level 6 (degree equivalent).

Staff workshops

We regularly offer online and face-to-face workshops that are open to all staff. For example, you may want to join a session about celebrating diversity, leadership development or awareness of current policing challenges.

Self-directed learning

You have access to our College Learn and Leadership Learning platforms, and Civil Service Learning for self-directed learning.

Connection to policing

It is important to understand how your work benefits policing. We encourage you to stay connected to frontline policing and deepen your knowledge through activities such as ride-alongs, foundation training roleplay and visits to control centres.

Your mental health and wellbeing

Flexible working

We offer a very flexible working environment that will benefit your work-life balance and allows you to organise your work according to your personal circumstances. This includes flexible start and finish times and the possibility to work from home (depending on the role). You can also work alternative patterns, such as compressed hours, part time and job share.

Employee support service

PAM Assist is a free and confidential self-referral support service for staff. PAM counsellors can assist you with practically every type of problem, from relationship difficulties to employment issues, financial problems and trauma.

Mental health first aiders

Our mental health first aiders are here for you to talk about any aspect of mental health that you may be struggling with.

National Police Wellbeing Service

Oscar Kilo is our National Police Wellbeing Service for police forces, officers and staff across England and Wales. You can access online resources, including webinars focusing on fatigue and building resilience, mindfulness training, wellbeing podcasts, physical fitness videos, self-care tips and advice.

Your physical health

Dental insurance

Our corporate dental insurance scheme, provided by Unum Dental, helps make dental treatment more affordable for you and your family. For a monthly fee through payroll, you can claim towards treatments such as check-ups, hygiene visits, fillings, crowns and dental implants from any dentist worldwide.

Free eye tests

If you regularly use display equipment as part of your job, we will pay the cost of your eyesight tests for you.

Health insurance

Private medical insurance gives you access to eligible health treatment when you need it. 

When you sign up with AXA Health, you’ll get two months of free healthcare and a welcome gift. The cover includes MRI, CT and PET scans, unlimited video or telephone consultations with AXA doctors, heart and cancer cover, and more.

When you sign up with Benenden Health, you'll receive £25 cashback after six months of membership. The cover includes a 24/7 GP helpline, 24/7 mental health helpline, care planning and social care advice. After six months, you also gain access to medical treatment, physiotherapy, cancer support and more.

On-site gym access

Enjoy a workout at the gym facilities at our Ryton and Harperley Hall sites, which are free to use for all our staff.

Local gym discounts

Prefer to work out at your local gym instead? You can get discounts of up to 20% off local gym and leisure facilities via the MyLifestyle hub.

Civil Service Sport Council (CSSC) sports and leisure membership

The CSSC promotes health and wellbeing in the public sector. For a small fee you can become a member and make savings on sports, retail, fitness, days out, experiences and more.

Celebrating difference

We have thriving staff networks that drive change and provide advice and support. Staff networks offer you the opportunity to have your voice heard, share experiences and challenge our working practices to ensure equality of opportunity for all.

Cancer support network

Provides support to colleagues and anyone interested in or dealing with cancer, either through their work or personal life.

Carers network

Supports colleagues who are carers of spouses, children, parents, siblings, other family members and friends. The network provides practical and emotional support by sharing knowledge, experiences and caring journeys.

Christian network

Provides support and fellowship for our Christian colleagues and help and support for others in understanding more about the Christian faith.

Diverse ethnic action network (DEAN)

Our staff network for Black, Asian and other ethnic minority staff. It serves as a critical friend to the organisation, advising on policy and strategy and helping the College to be a fair and inclusive workplace.

Employee forum

Allows our employees to engage in the early development and progression of emerging strategic issues that affect us. The forum provides a voice to our staff by encouraging collaborative, inclusive and open dialogue between our senior leaders and the rest of the organisation.

Enabling network

Aims to provide a supportive and inclusive culture for colleagues dealing with disabilities and long-term health conditions.

LGBT+ network

Seeks to provide support, offer a sounding board for organisational policies, share learning from forces and cultivate the College as a place where LGBT+ staff flourish.

Menopause support network

Aims to make menopause a comfortable conversation topic for everyone and provide support to all.

Muslim network

Looks after the religious, welfare and development needs of our Muslim colleagues. It also helps improve professional policing services by promoting a greater understanding of Islam within our organisation and the wider community.

Parenting network

Creates a safe environment for anyone with parenting responsibilities to share stories and support each other. It also promotes the value of working parents within our organisation and informs policies to improve our working parents’ lives and careers.

Secondees network

Helps seconded police officers and staff to integrate into our organisation. The network is here to offer support, identify career development opportunities and ensure our secondees receive recognition for their work back in force.

Sikh network

Works to provide a welcoming and inclusive working environment where colleagues from Sikh and non-Sikh backgrounds have time to celebrate and promote a diverse understanding of the Sikh faith.

Women’s network

Provides peer support, removes barriers and maximises opportunities for everyone in the College who identifies as a woman.

Young professionals network

Aims to address issues faced by younger staff members and create a safe space to ask questions, raise concerns and socialise.

Recognising our people

Reward and recognition scheme

We believe outstanding work should be celebrated. This scheme recognises and rewards exceptional pieces of work or performance throughout the year. Anyone can nominate a colleague for a recognition award of £100, £200 or £500.


Commendations are another chance for us to recognise our colleagues who have gone above and beyond in delivering their work. Similar to the reward and recognition scheme, anyone can nominate a colleague for a commendation. We celebrate this through an annual event hosted by our CEO.

Your loans, savings and shopping discounts

Season ticket loan

If you are commuting to work by public transport, you can apply for a loan to purchase an annual or quarterly season ticket. This interest-free loan is recovered from your salary in monthly instalments.

Cycle to work scheme

You can get fit and healthy while you save money on your commute with the cycle to work scheme, through which you can save up to 40% on a new bike and accessories.

Police Credit Union

Sometimes we need a little help financially. As a College of Policing employee, you have access to a range of flexible savings and affordable loans from the Police Credit Union, which allows you to make repayments straight from your salary.

Police Mutual

Through Police Mutual, you can access great value financial products, insurance and money advice for yourself and your family. This includes savings plans, investments options, child trust funds and bond saving plans, mortgages, life cover, car and home insurance and retirement services.

MyLifestyle shopping discounts

The MyLifestyle portal offers discounts at hundreds of retailers, including supermarkets, high street stores and restaurants, as well as other services such as medical insurance and budgeting advice.

Blue Light Card

Blue Light Card provides discounts online and in store for a small fee. With a Blue Light Card, you can access discounts in a wide range of categories including holidays, cars, days out, fashion, gifts, insurance, phones and more.

Boundless by CSMA

Boundless by CSMA is the UK’s largest private home, motoring and leisure association. You can access exclusive offers such as preferential home and car insurance, as well as travel and leisure discounts.

Payroll giving

Payroll giving allows you to donate from your pay to any UK registered charity or recognised good cause, tax free. This means that if you were to donate £10 through your pay, it would only cost you £8 (£6 for a higher rate taxpayer).

Childcare vouchers

Any move to the College of Policing from another employer will mean you can no longer access childcare vouchers. This includes moves between government departments. You may however be eligible for other government schemes, including tax-free childcare.

Check if you are eligible for childcare vouchers 

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