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About our corporate strategy and how it was created.

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Corporate strategy 2022 to 2026

About our corporate strategy

Our core purpose is to support everyone in policing to reduce crime and keep people safe. This four-year corporate strategy will drive the College forward, developing our essential role in the policing landscape and helping to deliver the ambition set out in the government’s recent Beating crime plan.

Through five strategic ambitions, we set out how the College will support policing to secure the confidence of our communities, as well as the officers, staff and volunteers who serve them.

Our two-year Business plan complements this strategy by detailing how we will focus our resources over the next two years and how we will measure success. We will track our progress on delivering our strategic ambitions through a new integrated performance framework, which will enable our College Board, staff and stakeholders to monitor this progress.

Our five strategic ambitions are:

  1. building trust and a fair culture
  2. transforming police leadership
  3. supporting career-long professional development and wellbeing
  4. boosting core skills
  5. strengthening innovation and implementing what works

Fundamental review

Our strategy has been informed and shaped by the findings of our 2022 Fundamental review.

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