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Future research questions

Recommendations for possible research in the future.

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Future research ideas

1 – How can rapport building be improved in practice and what are the barriers to officers and staff building rapport?

On the whole, the conceptualisation of rapport building in the studies that tested the effectiveness of rapport lacked detail. The Guideline Committee indicated officer and staff understanding and implementation of rapport building is often limited and better understanding of how to best build rapport in practice would be beneficial.

2 – What is the impact of 'realistic' levels of witness alcohol intoxication on the amount, specificity and consistency of information elicited?

The majority of experiments that tested the effects of alcohol intoxication on recall quality induced BAC levels of approximately 0.08% (the UK drink-drive limit). This is comparatively low compared with intoxication levels of victims and witnesses often observed by officers and staff when attending incidents.

3 – Which situations and methods of delivery are most effective for self-administered interviews?

The studies synthesised in the review that tested the effectiveness of SAIs were laboratory-based experiments. Therefore it is important to understand the effectiveness of different modes of SAIs in real-world settings.

4 – What impact does a written/online interview have on perceived police legitimacy?

The studies reviewed that tested the effectiveness of the SAIs were all laboratory-based experiments. Therefore it is important to understand the effect of using the SAI on victims’ and witnesses’ perception of this approach in real-world settings.

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