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Gold public order public safety command course

Act effectively and safely as gold commander before, during and after a public order public safety event.

This is an intensive pass or fail course.

Course structure

Days one to three

Classroom-based learning.

Day four

Hydra exercise during which delegates will have the opportunity to develop their learning in a safe learning environment challenged by an advisory panel of subject matter experts.

Day five



​To develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to provide effective leadership relating to the public order public safety command structure, strategy and tactics pertinent to their specific role at a pre-planned or spontaneous public order or public safety event.

This course aims to equip delegates with the skills, knowledge and understanding to both effectively and safely act as gold commander before, during and after a public order public safety event.


  • To understand and identify the role of a gold public order commander pre-, during and post-event and during spontaneous events, creating an effective command structure that will manage threat and risk to deliver the gold strategy, displaying consideration of communities and stakeholders needs.

  • To demonstrate the ability to apply the national decision model (NDM) in accordance with European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), vision, values and ethics, demonstrating the ability to evaluate and develop intelligence from a variety of sources with appropriate authorities.

  • To mitigate threat and risk by undertaking appropriate assessments which are continually reviewed and prioritised, engaging and communicating decisions and revision to strategy to key stakeholders in an auditable manner with regard to moral, ethical and legal issues.

  • To review tactical parameters, identify command protocols and preferred outcomes that are reviewed and will deliver the gold strategy against intelligence and threat and risk assessments; assess and approve tactical plans, ensuring that they are appropriately resourced with relevant contingencies.

  • During the event to demonstrate the ability to develop strategy in accordance with legislation and policy; communicate decisions and consider if the event should be declared a critical incident, documenting rational and justification at all times.

  • To identify and articulate post-event roles and responsibilities that may need to be implemented; review strategy to ensure that community confidence is maintained and restored; ensure that good practice and learning are identified and promulgated.

Key details

Qualification eligibility

​Officers can attend the course who are:

  • occupationally and operationally accredited silver public order commanders and/or 

  • accredited gold (strategic) commanders from another discipline, including PiP level 3 investigators


Prior to attending the course delegates must complete:

  • a research document
  • an e-learning package
  • an e-learning assessment to the required standard achieving a minimum knowledge check pass mark of 80%

Five days.

Accreditation notes:

Delegates who successfully pass the course will be occupationally competent.

They will then have 12 months to be signed off by chief officers in force as operationally competent against the national occupational standards for gold public order commanders.


Home Office forces (non-residential):


Course contact
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