How we help you to pursue a specialist role in policing

Published on 21 November 2020
CPD in focus: The College provides learning resources for officers and staff to support their continuing professional development
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Police officers with horses

We provide substantial support for specialists in policing to maintain their knowledge and competency. And if there is a specialist role you want to pursue, a good starting point is our career development section. 

To help with your continuing professional development, we also have modules and programmes that can help you learn more about specialist roles on our College Learn platform (you'll need to log in to this). Some of these materials will require authorisation because they contain sensitive content, but many are open to all. Search for what you are looking for using the filter 'e-learning'.

The College's Police National Search Centre is the sole provider of training in counter-terrorism, crime and missing-person search techniques to the UK police service.

We also offer learning opportunities for those who want to follow an investigation career pathway. The PIP qualifications will help you develop your skills and knowledge as an investigator.

There are a range of roles for anyone keen to pursue a career in intelligence, with options that suit different skills and interests.

If you are keen to develop senior leadership skills and aspire to become a chief officer, you will need to successfully complete the internationally recognised Strategic Command Course.

You can also access our Authorised Professional Practice (APP) operational guidance on how to deal with different types of crime or incident. This guidance underpins many of the operations in policing – from first response, through investigation, legal issues and public protection. They provide information relevant to many specialist roles within policing and are a valuable insight into what the job is all about.