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Developing your skills in policing – products for all

Published on 19 November 2020
CPD in focus: Our resources support officers and staff at every stage of their career
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We support everyone in policing across a wide range of roles and functions and there are learning and development opportunities for everyone in the service.

You don’t have to be a police officer in a leadership role to benefit from the resources that the College has developed. We have a range of materials to help everyone in policing to work on their professional development, whether that involves broadening your skillset or pursing a promotion. A manager in a support function or non-policing staff – like those working in IT or finance – can also use our toolkits to support their leadership development.

The important thing is to recognise that, for example, 'I just manage my daughter’s football team' is a valuable display of leadership that can be used to evidence your development. Leadership can also be present in a specialist role where you are helping colleagues deliver a solution. The CPD toolkit and the competency values framework are a great way to get going, whatever your level.

Stress and trauma can have an effect on everyone working in policing, regardless of role, level or seniority and so the range of learning and support materials provided by Oscar Kilo is there to support everyone in policing.

We have a wide range of learning materials on our College Learn platform (you'll need to log in to this). The courses are regularly updated to reflect the needs of policing. We also have content developed by forces and other agencies. We have two programmes on College Learn – suitable for all of policing – that introduce more specialised knowledge: 

It’s always worth ensuring you can articulate the skills you have developed in your career if you are thinking about what to do when you finish your service. Reflecting on what those skills are and how they can be of use outside of policing will be an excellent way of getting ready for a post-police career. You may be able to use your experience in policing to contribute towards academic qualifications.

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