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Putting victims at the heart of policing

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The Victims’ Commissioner tells us what the new Victims' Code means for police staff and officers
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Dame Vera Baird

The Victims' Code is a clear set of rights for victims on the support they should receive from all areas of the criminal justice system. The revised Code, which has now been published by the Ministry of Justice, was based on responses to a government consultation in March 2020.

Changes for policing focus on how and when victims should be communicated with to help them feel supported.

Pretty well every victim of crime suffers some impact from it. It's a bit of a shock, people can feel targeted, they feel a bit less safe. They are angry or they're frightened or they're shouting – and they may even do that at you. It's the first time it's ever happened to them. Put yourself in their shoes.

Dame Vera Baird, Victims' Commissioner

Watch our video and find out how the police play a huge part in making people feel less lost in the 'very strange place' of being a victim of crime.

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