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Police Race Action Plan survey results published

Published on 10 February 2023
Feedback from more than 5,000 people will help inform how we address racial inequality in policing
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Results from a survey about the Police Race Action Plan have shown mixed views about its potential impact on racial inequality in policing. The feedback is now being reviewed to inform any changes to the plan.

The Police Race Action Plan sets out intended changes across policing to improve outcomes for Black people working within or interacting with policing. A draft was developed alongside the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) and published in May 2022.

A survey was launched to gather feedback on the draft plan and to gauge levels of confidence that the commitments would impact racial inequality in policing. More than 5,000 responses were received from across policing, the general public, and from independent stakeholders and experts.

Key findings from the survey showed that:

  • respondents were divided about whether the plan would have a positive impact
  • respondents of a Black of mixed Black heritage tended to have less confidence in the plan than those of a White background
  • respondents who were undecided about whether the plan would have a positive impact highlighted the need to follow through on commitments in the plan to improve policing for Black people

The feedback is being considered alongside the Our Black Workforce survey results – a Police Uplift Programme survey of Black police officers and staff – to inform any changes to the Police Race Action Plan. A final version is being published later this spring.

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