Our commitment to the Welsh language

Published on 3 June 2021
How the College plans to deliver some of its services to police officers and staff in Wales
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Police vehicle in Wales

We are publishing our first Welsh Language Scheme, which sets out the College’s commitment to supporting Welsh forces.

North Wales Police Inspector Gethin Jones, a Welsh speaker, led the development of the scheme while seconded to the College. He said: ‘I’ve really enjoyed working with the College to develop this important piece of work. While there is no formal obligation for the College to have a scheme, it is fantastic that they are supporting the Welsh language in this way.

‘Working with the College has made me see just how much they support policing in critical areas and it’s fantastic that people from Welsh-speaking communities will have access to that support too.’

The scheme outlines how the College of Policing will deliver some of its services to the public, as well as officers and staff in Wales. The Welsh Language Commissioner and the Welsh Language Standards imposed on Welsh police forces have played a critical part in the development of the scheme.

Deputy Chief Constable Richard Debicki of North Wales Police also welcomed the scheme. He said:

It’s great to see the scheme come to fruition and I am pleased we were able to collaborate with the College on this important piece of work.

I know that North Wales Police and policing colleagues across Wales will welcome the additional support this will bring to local communities and our Welsh-speaking colleagues.

Work to implement the scheme is already underway, including translation of key documentation and support materials.