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How an investigative detective helps keep people safe

Published on 2 September 2020
A critical analysis role in the anti-stalking unit where the work is challenging, diverse and follows a case from start to finish
Case study
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Dave Thomason

DC Dave Thomason has been fascinated with policing ever since he was a child watching police procedural dramas play out on TV.

He says: ‘I’d always been interested in police work. Since being a child, I was obsessed with The Bill, the TV show, and it might seem a bit corny but I was really interested in police work, so far as it was portrayed on the screen.’

Dave started his career in policing after studying linguistics and German at university. The analytic and linguistic skills he developed helped him with his current role in the anti-stalking unit where he processes information to help solve cases. As part of his professional development, Dave has also continued with post-graduate research into investigative policing, partly funded by the police service.

There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that somebody’s safe, and feels safe. That’s why we do this.

DC Dave Thomason

In Dave's line of work, no day looks the same. He could be focusing on a live active investigation, an officer may need immediate guidance or there could be a stalking protection order to process or a risk profile to write up.

Dave has also shared his expertise across the world with other policing services, including a trip to Australia where he spoke at a domestic violence forum.

Trying to undo a problem generations in the making

Hear from Dave about what he does in the anti-stalking unit, and learn about his research and his charitable work supporting survivors of stalking crimes.

Find out more about the investigation policing career family pathway and the role profile. And discover the different ways you could work for the police and be a force for good in your community, a force for all. 

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