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Breaking barriers in policing and local communities

Published on 3 February 2022
Using past work experience can put you ahead when exploring leadership
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Farqan Amin

Sergeant Farqan Amin joined Lancashire Constabulary after working in various mental health settings.

He explains that one of his biggest challenges was being in the role for two years when he started the Fast Track programme. He felt that some people would think he hadn't done the job for long enough. But Farqan knew he had many skills from previous roles and could bring about change.

I think the PC to inspector role is about identifying people with a skill set that will bring about change, it's about breaking the norm. The police have never done this before.

Sergeant Farqan Amin

Application process

Farqan first heard about the Fast Track process before he joined the police but wasn't sure what it involved or what he needed to do to apply.

At training school he was allocated a mentor who was a superintendent. They discussed his previous work experience and it was highlighted that he had the qualities and skill set needed to do well on the Fast Track programme.

The first step was applying to the College of Policing. Once he’d been shortlisted, he attended an internal assessment at Lancashire that involved a psychometric test, a presentation and an interview.

He was successful and Lancashire Constabulary put him forward for the national assessment centre. He said this was a 'two-day gruelling process which I enjoyed'.

He was successful at the assessment centre, so the next stage was taking the inspectors’ exam.

It's about showing my community that, "Look I've done this. I'm one of you guys as a BAME officer. If I can do it, you can do it."

Sergeant Farqan Amin

Believe in yourself

Farqan says that if you are interested in applying for the police constable (PC) to inspector programme, you need to believe in yourself.

'Don't listen to negative comments people will say along the way.

'You can make a difference and with you applying for the PC to inspector programme, you will make that change.'

Hear more from Farqan about his personal journey to leadership and his advice to anyone considering starting their own.

Find out more

See if the the Fast Track programme for serving police constables suits your potential and strengths. 


You can join our workshops for more information and guidance about the application process. The workshops take place across three days but you will only need to attend on one day. Contact your force's Fast Track single point of contact (SPOC) to book.

Upcoming workshop dates run from:

  • Tuesday 22 to Thursday 24 March (online)
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