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Prosecution and case management

Authorised Professional Practice

This page is from APP, the official source of professional practice for policing.

Prosecution and case management

Prosecution and case management provides an introduction to the way the police service works with partners in the criminal justice system (CJS). The experience of victims, witnesses and the public is fundamental to bringing offenders to justice.

This area of authorised professional practice (APP) is broken into five modules. These are:

  • charging and case preparation
  • hearing and trial management
  • possible justice outcomes following investigation
  • enforcing sentences and managing offenders
  • victim and witness care

Core guidance is provided alongside links to mutually agreed supporting guidance held and managed by other agencies, which guides, influences or directs policing in the CJS.

Terminology changes

Terminology related to out of court disposals is changing. 'Out of court disposals' are now referred to as 'out of court resolutions’, but there will be a transition period. The terminology will be fully updated in this APP once the term has been updated in legislation.

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