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Intelligence management

Authorised Professional Practice

This page is from APP, the official source of professional practice for policing.

Intelligence management

Intelligence management processes allow decisions to be made about priorities and tactical options.

A Code of Practice, issued by the secretary of state, requires chief officers to have due regard to the Code. It clarifies the responsibilities of chief officers and police and crime commissioners in relation to the application of the national intelligence model. It also sets out basic principles and identifies minimum standards for managing intelligence.

Intelligence is collected information that has been developed for action. It may also be classified as confidential or sensitive. Intelligence collection is a continuous process and there may be specific requirements for its recording and use.

The Intelligence Report (IR) reference material provides guidance on the 3x5x2 evaluation process and on how to apply it to intelligence that is graded under this system. This reference material will support forces where intelligence/products make reference to historic intelligence graded under the 5x5x5 system.

The authorised professional practice (APP) on Intelligence management consolidates information from a number of decommissioned documents.

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