Latest changes to APP

Overview of the latest changes to APP.

APP is subject to review (either scheduled or triggered) in consultation with the relevant National Policing Business Area. All amendments go through a review process and further information is available from [email protected]

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Latest changes to APP

Date Category Guidance Changes
Major investigation and public protection > Missing persons Expectations

Sentence added to 'The police role and responsibilities' and 'categories' sections. Paragraph added to 'legal expectations'. Minor changes made to first sentence in 'positive action' section. LSCB changed to MASA. FCO changed to FCDO. Reference removed from 'truanting' section

Major investigation and public protection > Missing persons Missing person investigations

More reference documents added, removed or updated. Bullet point added to police actions in relation to support for families section. MPB references changed to UKMPU and links updated. Sentence added to medium and low risk missing person subsection of timescales for collecting samples. Legal references added to media strategy section. NPCC lead reference added to  family initiated media campaigns section. Sentence added to confidentiality section and interviews section. Paragraph added to prevention interviews section.

Major investigation and public protection > Missing persons Missing persons

Contact details for UKMPU (formerly MPB) updated and a sentence added about when to consult mental health services added to end of 'minimum actions' section

Major investigation and public protection > Missing persons Specific investigations

General updates: reference to Philomena Protocol, references updated, removed or added, CRA updated, contact details updated (UKMPU, FCDO), police duty of care updated (section 'missing from hospital emergency departments'), SISII section removed.

Major investigation and public protection > Missing persons Strategic responsibilities

Organisational names updated (for example, LSCB becomes MASA, IPCC becomes IOPC). References made to Philomena Protocol. Reference documents also added or replaced.

Major investigation and public protection > Responding to child sexual exploitation CSE linked reference material

Added links to Voice of the child documents

Investigation > Investigative strategies Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)

Links to NASPLE futureproofed – link to NASPLE document changed to take reader to National ANPR landing page

Major investigation and public protection > Managing sexual offenders and violent offenders Court orders and notices

The PCSC Act 2021 introduced new legislation for the management of sex offenders – APP updated accordingly.

Roads policing Investigation of fatal and serious injury road collisions

Sections added on disaster victim identification teams, recovery and identification of the deceased and minor text amends made.

Major investigation and public protection > Missing persons Missing persons risk assessment

Minor changes made (link to College Learn, new bullet point added to initial questions list, 'mental health' added to sentence in' gathering information and intelligence' section, reference to vulnerability-related risks guidelines and sentence added to 'assessing risk levels and taking action' section)

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