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Using our intellectual property

How to apply to use our publicly available intellectual property.

To use the College of Policing’s intellectual property (IP), you may need our permission (a licence). You are likely to need a licence to use, adapt or modify our:

  • logos and other trade marks
  • images, infographics, photographs or video footage
  • authorised professional practice (APP) for commercial purposes
  • policing toolkits and models
  • content from our websites for commercial purposes
  • information from our guidance and training materials
  • national policing curriculum, including learning standards

We can only give you permission to use IP that is owned by us. The IP must already be published and be publicly available (and not exempt from disclosure under information access legislation).

If we grant permission to use our IP, we will impose conditions and may impose a charge or licence fee. We will generally not enter into exclusive licensing arrangements.

When you don't need a licence

You do not need to apply for a licence to use content that is available under our non-commercial College licence, unless you wish to use the content for purposes not permitted under this licence. For example, for commercial use or when adapting content.

Existing licensees

Some policing organisations are already licensed to deliver our products and programmes internally, on a non-commercial basis. These include:

  • all Home Office police forces
  • some wider law enforcement organisations and government bodies

Apply for a licence

In order to grant permission to use our IP, we need to understand the context where it will be used.

To apply for an IP licence:

Using our name or logo

Permission to use the College name or logo (a registered trademark) will usually only be granted where:

  • it is used for official College of Policing business
  • there is participation at an event
  • its use is specifically agreed in a publication

We cannot permit you to use our logo to link to our website (except if you are a UK policing organisation or under certain limited circumstances). This is because it could imply that we endorse you or your products, or are otherwise associated with the content of your website.

Hypertext links to our website at are permitted and you do not need to seek our permission.

After a licence is granted

Where permission is granted, you:

  • must comply with the licence terms
  • must adhere to our brand guidelines where appropriate
  • may still have to provide a copy of the text or a visual of your design concept by email, so that we can understand and approve the context in which you are proposing to use our name or logo

If you have any questions, contact copyright&[email protected].

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