National Investigators' Examination

The National Investigators’ Examination (NIE) is Phase 2 of the Professionalising Investigations Programme (PIP 2).  The NIE is designed to identify those candidates who have sufficient levels of knowledge, understanding and application of relevant law and procedure to perform effectively in the PIP 2 and as a trainee investigator. 

Any candidate wishing to undertake PIP 2 must sit the NIE first and must refer to the NIE Candidate Handbook (links below).  The handbook contains all information that candidates will need in terms of the rules, syllabus, how to apply, details of the assessment process, and results and feedback. Any queries about the examination should be directed to your Force NIE Liaison.

2020 Examination Dates:

  • 8th September 2020 
  • 24th November 2020 

2021 Examination Dates:

  • 2nd March 2021
  • 8th June 2021
  • 14th September 2021
  • 30th November 2021

Registration dates will be announced shortly. Candidates should check with their NIE Liaison Contact.

Candidates taking the 2020 examinations should refer to the NIE Candidate Handbook (2020) for details on applying.

Reasonable Adjustments and Accommodations

Candidates who wish to request a reasonable adjustment or accommodation for the examination should refer to the NIE Candidate Handbook (2020) and the RA Policy Examinations. Reports to support Reasonable Adjustment requests must be submitted to the College of Policing no later than the registration closure date for each examination.

Further Information

If candidates have additional queries after reading the NIE Candidate Handbook (2020) they should contact their Force NIE Liaison in the first instance. The Selection and Assessment Unit at the College of Policing should only be contacted if candidates are unable to contact their Force NIE Liaison. The contact details for the Selection and Assessment Unit can be found within the Candidate Handbook.

Candidates may find the Preparation and Practicalities for taking Exams document useful in their preparation stages for the exam.

The overview of the results from the previous examination can be found here:
NIE Results Overview

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