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Tools, training and networks to support innovation in policing.

Our mission is to find out what works, what could work and what can be put into practice or scaled up nationally to improve policing practice.

We want ideas, suggestions and examples of local innovation from frontline officers and staff to directly influence innovation in policing.

Innovation network

Our innovation network includes officers and staff from all 43 forces in England and Wales as well as:

  • Police Scotland
  • Police Service of Northern Ireland
  • Ministry of Defence Police
  • British Transport Police

Events and training provide these officers and staff with skills and knowledge to champion innovation, gather ideas and support colleagues in their force. 

For information about joining the network, contact: [email protected]

    Innovation days and workshops

    We run free innovation workshops or provide a toolkit with slides, a suggested agenda and videos to use for your own force-run day.

    For more information, contact: [email protected]

    Innovation training module (coming soon)

    An introduction to innovation and practical examples of how to be more innovative in the workplace. 

    There will be modules for:

    • managers to support 'idea to implementation' innovation 
    • senior leaders to improve skills in designing and implementing an innovation strategy
    • running workshops in force for effective idea generation

    Officers, police staff and volunteers will:

    • gain an increased awareness of what innovation means to modern policing 
    • be better equipped to identify strategic benefits when working through problem-solving
    • learn tools and gain knowledge to support their professional development 

    Line managers and senior management will have an increased capacity to support innovation and creativity within the workforce.

    Knowledge Hub

    Join our Knowledge Hub group (you'll need to log in to this) to ask questions and share advice with policing colleagues across the country.

    People share:

    • day-to-day learning 
    • good advice they’ve received
    • examples of innovation and problem solving
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