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Health, safety and welfare

College policies and guidance and links to useful information from other organisations.

The College provides support and advice for police forces and other related stakeholders. Responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of police officers and staff remains with the chief officer at the relevant force.

How the College helps

Our work includes:

  • conducting and facilitating research relating to occupational health, safety and welfare in the police service 
  • providing secretariat support to the national Health, Safety and Welfare Strategic Group and supporting the ongoing work of the related sub groups
  • supporting clinical and health and safety professionals working with the police service, including at development events
  • issuing guidance for national use by forces 
  • supporting the Home Office and the police service to develop consistent approaches

Job-related fitness standards

The College is also responsible for providing fitness standards guidance for forces. 

Support from other organisations

Information on a wide range of health, welfare and safety issues can be found from other organisations and agencies.

The police pension scheme

The Home Office maintains all information on current and past schemes. 

Health and safety legislation

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides information to assist the police service in maintaining a balanced approach between operational effectiveness and the management and control of the many and varied risks police officers and staff face in the line of duty.

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