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Practical evaluation tools

Evaluation tools to support an evidence-based policing approach.

These practical tools can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of crime reduction interventions. They support an evidence-based policing approach.

College of Policing logic model

Our policing logic model can be used to:

  • evaluate a project, policy or tactic
  • create a framework to plan a new intervention

The logic model shows how to think critically about the links between a problem, intervention and measures of success. This can show how and why the intervention might work. It can also help you show the potential value of your project to others.

Policing evaluation toolkit

The policing evaluation toolkit includes evaluation design and implementation strategies. These can be used by practitioners and researchers to make sure that evaluations are designed well and enable strong statements of causal impact.

The toolkit can help you to:

  • assess whether an intervention is effective and the strength of its impact
  • identify the most effective practices and guide future decisions
  • effectively prioritise your resources

Manning cost-benefit tool

Cost-benefit tools such as the Manning cost-benefit tool (MCBT) can help you make more accurate cost-benefit assessments. The MCBT can be used to:

  • calculate total expenditure on one or more interventions or programmes (part one)
  • compare average annual expenditure before and after the introduction of an intervention (part one)
  • estimate how much it will cost to implement an intervention in a different context (part two) 

The MCBT was developed by the Commissioned Partnership Programme for the What Works Centre for Crime reduction.

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