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Disrupting serious and organised criminals – menu of tactics

A tool designed to assist anyone involved in tackling organised crime with a range of tactical options to disrupt those criminals.

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The menu of tactics is a collation of a range of existing tactics and powers which are available to law enforcement and partner agencies. It is aimed at prompting a creative, problem-solving approach to disrupting criminal activity.

Download the menu of tactics

Practitioners and decision-makers can make use of the menu of tactics when creating an action plan to tackle a particular organised crime group or criminal. The range of tactics in the menu encourage the plan owner to think creatively and choose a combination of options particularly suited to disrupting the criminal activity they are tackling. 

The menu of tactics has been developed with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across law enforcement and partner agencies. They have collated the various tactics and powers that have been or could be used - bringing them into one central document for people to access with ease.

A number of agencies, including the College of Policing, National Police Chiefs' Council, Home Office, National Crime Agency and Government Agencies Intelligence Network have collaborated on this product to ensure activity to tackle organised crime is based on the full range of powers and tactics available. These agencies have ensured that the menu supports the needs of practitioners operating in a law enforcement environment as well as in partner agencies.

It also complements the NCA Disruption Manual, assists in developing an evidence base for effective practice in tackling organised criminality and supports the National Serious Organised Crime Strategy.

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