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Direct entry into the police

Ways to become a police officer by joining straight into an inspector or superintendent role. These programmes are currently paused.

Bringing external skills to policing

The College of Policing provides two direct entry programmes to bring external candidates, with proven leadership skills, into policing. Programme members embark on an incremental journey through the ranks and are trained and assessed to ensure they are equipped with the skills required to inspire confidence in officers, staff and the public.

Inspector and superintendent programmes paused

Our Direct Entry inspector and superintendent programmes are currently paused.

Following consultation with the service, we remain committed to delivering these Direct Entry pathways if there is demand from forces. We also recognise that the timing of their reintroduction will be important to ensuring the services gains maximum benefit from these programmes.

We will re-engage with forces on the future delivery of national Direct Entry programmes when other ongoing leadership development, promotion and progression initiatives have been embedded in policing. This is likely to be in the next two to three years.

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