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Code of Practice for PNC and LEDS

Statutory Code of Practice and guidance setting out the basic principles in relation to the ethical and professional processing of data and information managed through PNC and LEDS.

The Code of Practice for the Police National Computer (PNC) applies to every chief officer of a police force in England and Wales who has access to the PNC and the Law Enforcement Data Service (LEDS) in connection with the discharge of their functions. This Code replaces the Code of Practice for the Police National Computer (2005).

The Code is available for adoption by other police forces including:

  • Police Scotland
  • Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI)
  • those in other local jurisdictions

The Code is also applicable to other non-police organisations who access PNC and LEDS by written agreement.

PNC provides police and law enforcement agencies with access to a centralised source of information concerning individuals, property and vehicles.

The Home Office, through the Law Enforcement Data Service (LEDS) Programme, is developing LEDS to replace PNC. The development work on LEDS will result in the decommissioning of PNC. Meanwhile, both systems will co-exist.

The Code of Practice is supplemented by the guidance for PNC and LEDS. This provides detail on how managers and users can support their chief officers in complying with the requirements of the Code.

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