Wifi – advanced

Build on knowledge from the three day wifi course, focusing on understanding more complex data sets and functionality.


​To develop further the understanding and skills of learners in relation to wifi forensic analysis.


​On successful completion of this course learners will be able to:

  • understand wifi radio modulation, QAM and OFDMA
  • understand DHCP data and advanced interpretation of router logs
  • describe firewall rules and remote access
  • identify advanced services, port numbers, port forwarding, bitcoin and peer to peer usage, and their location within the GUI
  • conduct wifi RF Survey and router examination of a multiple AP network
  • demonstrate log file interpretation by successful completion of a practical scenario
  • explain 802.11 how beamforming is created, its practical application and the functionality of MIMO
  • describe wifi repeater AP and network topology
  • conduct statement writing specific to wifi RF surveys in accordance with current survey report standards
  • understand wifi active scanning, interaction of devices with AP and management frames
  • explain the risk of carrying out active wifi scanning

Methods of delivery

​The course is trainer-led and classroom-based and includes many practical exercises. It is delivered to a maximum of 10 delegates.

Key details

Qualification eligibility
Practitioner group

Officers and staff undertaking the role of digital media investigator within a dedicated unit or who have responsibilities for digital media investigation as part of their role.


Three days.

Course contact

Additional information

​Certain elements are included within this training course to assist with future ISO 17020 compliance should that be necessary.